Genesis solar

Thousands of Kiwis have chosen to go solar, and now you can join them by choosing a Genesis Solar package for your home.

You don’t have to be with Genesis for your electricity to get solar with us.

Five great reasons to choose solar with Genesis:


 High quality components

 Experienced installers

 Special discounts for Genesis customers

  Extensive warranties

  Supported by Genesis – New Zealand’s largest energy retailer

Act now to take the next step towards solar. Choose ‘Solar estimate’ for a tailored email of your solar options. We currently service Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Wairarapa.

Going solar is simple

1. Apply for Solar

Complete the online form

2. Solar Design

We assess your solar options

3. Accept Quote

Secure your installation date

4. Enjoy the sun!

Your system is installed

Choose from a range of solar packages

Packages start from $4,990 including GST for Genesis customers. All packages include installation, ‘Tier 1’ quality panels combined with premium inverters, backed with 10 year product and 25 year panel performance warranties from the manufacturers. Mobile and online monitoring is also included so you can keep track of system performance.

1.4kW Package

5 Solar Panels

plus either

A 2kW String Inverter OR

Five Micro Inverters

4kW Package

14 Solar Panels

plus either

A 4kW String Inverter OR

Fourteen Micro Inverters

2kW Package

7 Solar Panels

plus either

A 2kW String Inverter OR

Seven Micro Inverters

5kW Package

18 Solar Panels

plus either

A 5kW String Inverter OR

Eighteen Micro Inverters

3kW Package

11 Solar Panels

plus either

A 3kW String Inverter OR

Eleven Micro Inverters

Additional Packages

We have completed installs for 3 phase properties, life style blocks and Business customers.

Contact us about your needs and we will be happy to discuss.

All prices include GST. Additional package costs may apply depending on access to your roof, the type of roof you have and other factors.

Select a package with our solar sizing chart

The table below provides a rough guide to choosing solar. Simply choose the average monthly spend tab that matches your profile to review your options.

Average monthly spend on electricity:

Estimated daytime electricity use Solar Package
About a quarter of my total electricity
About a third of my total electricity 1.5kW
About half of my total electricity up to 2kW

Estimated daytime electricity use Solar Package
About a quarter of my total electricity 1.5kW
About a third of my total electricity up to 2kW
About half of my total electricity up to 3kW

Estimated daytime electricity use Solar Package
About a quarter of my total electricity up to 2kW
About a third of my total electricity up to 3kW
About half of my total electricity up to 5kW

Estimated daytime electricity use Solar Package
About a quarter of my total electricity up to 3kW
About a third of my total electricity up to 3kW
About half of my total electricity up to 5kW

Estimated daytime electricity use Solar Package
About a quarter of my total electricity up to 3kW
About a third of my total electricity up to 5kW
About half of my total electricity up to 5kW

This table is provided as guidance only and has been created using modelled data. Solar recommendations are based on customers consuming at least 70% of solar electricity produced.   Individual customer usage may vary.  If you would like a more detailed assessment of the right sized solar system for your household the Genesis solar team will be happy to assist.


Apply online

First, check to see if your home is suitable for the Genesis solar promotion.

You must own the roof space where the solar will be installed. We are currently unable to install panels on properties on the New Zealand Heritage list or where there are legal restrictions on the installation of solar panels.

At this time we are only offering this promotion to customers who live within 50 km’s of these areas.

Solar works during the daylight hours, so to be suitable for the Genesis Solar System it’s best if you use energy during the day at home

Solar panels could be on your roof for 25 years or more, so the roof needs to be in good condition when the panels are installed. Shade will impact the performance of the system, so your roof where the panels are located needs to be largely shade free.

Solar works best on a north facing site and may be suitable for roofs with an east or west orientation. Genesis will not install on a roof with a southerly aspect.

Request an Estimate

If you’d like to go ahead with Genesis solar, simply fill in the form and we’ll be in touch with an Estimate for your property.

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Roof type

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Inverter Preference

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Your current electricity provider

We value your privacy.  Read our Privacy Policy.

Finance and Payment

To make the transition to solar easy we’re offering installations with no deposit required and easy online payment. In addition, finance may be available via your bank if required. 

Solar Finance

Genesis has worked with  ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank and Westpac to enable customers with existing home loan lending to apply for solar finance at home loan rates. 

Bank transfer

The easiest way to pay is via an online payment direct to Genesis If you proceed to the installation stage we’ll provide details of your payment options and the steps to make payment.

Why Genesis is the right choice

Energy from the experts

By working with New Zealand’s largest energy retailer you have peace of mind that your solar choice is in experienced hands. Where available, we use your individual energy usage to assist with your solar choice.

Years of solar experience

We have installed solar in over 80 schools across New Zealand over the last eight years with our Schoolgen programme, using a range of products and service partners. You can see more details on the Schoolgen programme here.

We’re here for the long haul

Solar PV systems could last for 25 years or longer, so it’s of value to know you’re supported by New Zealand’s largest energy company.

System Details

Our standard package price includes the installation of your solar panels and string inverter for a single storey dwelling with a corrugated tin roof in good condition within our current promotional area. Additional costs may be incurred for additional cable runs, two storey dwellings, scaffolding or safety equipment and other items – we’ll advise you of any applicable costs once we have completed an assessment of your home.

Quality Solar Panels

We use 285w ‘Tier 1’ panels, manufactured using a high level of automation from a company with a proven track record in solar and a strong focus on R&D. Our manufacturers stand by their products offering both a 25 year linear power output warranty and a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Premium Inverters

Inverters are a key component of any solar package. We’ve selected inverters based on their reputation of in-field quality and they come with a 10 year manufacturers product warranty. Integrated solar monitoring is also included with the inverter, so you can check on the performance of your system, online or on your mobile, anytime.

Qualified and Experienced Installers

Our installers have extensive solar experience and are qualified electricians. Each installation also includes an independent quality review to ensure the electrical work has been completed to the national standards.

Your choice of inverter

Our packages come with the choice of string or micro inverters. String inverters are installed on a wall of your home (one per package). Micro inverters are installed on the roof, one at each panel and may improve output of the system and make future expansion of your system easier. 

Let us help you with your Solar Power needs.